Professional House Cleaner / Housekeeper Fort Lauderdale

Professional House Cleaner / Housekeeper

Full Time • Fort Lauderdale

Monday - Friday, No Nights, No Weekends, Paid Vacations, Paid Holidays and Training Paid available!

Apply now: 1) Complete the form along the right side of the screen. 2) Then come in for an interview between 8:30am and 9:30AM from Monday-Friday. If you are working and need an alternate time, just let us know a good time for you in the comments section. We are located at 265 SW 27th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312.

The Cleaning Authority has immediate openings for FULL TIME residential house cleaners. AVERAGE WEEKLY STARTING WAGE IS $ 390 - $ 490 / week +tips! WILLING TO INCREASE PAY BASED ON PERFORMANCE. Our cleaners are Professionals and we are the best at what we do. Being the best also means that we reward our employees with excellent benefits, higher pay and a great place to work . If you like to clean and want to join a great company, take a look at what we have to offer and apply today!

About Us:

We are Boise's largest, most professional and dedicated GREEN residential cleaning service. We provide a great place for great people to work, excellent pay and benefits and the opportunity to advance.

What You'll Enjoy:

  • Consistent, day time hours Monday through Friday. No nights! No weekends! Holidays off! Paid every Friday!
  • We have company cars for each team. But, as a backup, if you had to drive your own car for work we pay mileage.
  • Full time = 5 days, MF, ~ 35-40 hours per week. Start at 7:50 AM, off typically between 4-5:30PM (could rarely be slightly earlier or later).
  • Paid holidays (6), paid vacation (up to 10).
  • $ 12 / hr, after $ 11 / hr basic training period (~ 3 weeks), then regular performance reviews and raises. Trainers make an extra $ 1.50 / hr up to $ 15 / hr plus tips and bonuses based on training success.
  • Career opportunities available! 100% of our promotions are from within & we are growing!
  • This is a long term, consistent, full time, year round, day job with Boise's premier housecleaning service.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Be able to pass a background check
  • Have a great attitude, be a team player, and take pride in your work!
  • A willingness to learn - everybody can clean, but not everyone cleans like we do!
  • Be able to be on your feet all day with light lifting (less than 15 pounds) - we won't lie, it's a physically demanding job!
  • Driver's license required.





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Are you stuck in a thankless job where no one appreciates you? It's time to move on to something bigger and better with The Cleaning Authority!

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With The Cleaning Authority you will:

Houses are cleaned Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Get your nights and weekends back to spend time with friends and family!
Cleaners are paid hourly - not per house they clean. This means you'll never have to wonder about the size of your paycheck!
The Cleaning Authority cleaners are full-time employees. Get all the perks that come with a full-time job!
You'll have a teammate to help get everything done, you don't have to do it all yourself.
You won't be stuck behind a counter or in a store, you'll be traveling around town, in multiple homes every day!
It's true, cleaning can be tough. But, you'll never have to worry about squeezing in a work out or a trip to the gym when you're getting your exercise in while you work!